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Welcome to Portsmouth International College

Our College is committed to providing you a quality education, which will help you, attain an internationally recognised professional qualification that will enable you to progress to university or pursue your career. Our aim is to provide high standards of teaching by qualified, experienced tutors for students within an inclusive and supportive environment whilst maintaining affordable fees.

We aim to be a recognised College for all students along the region. Our tutors and well equipped facilities are always available to support you in your studies.

PI College will also provide you with the opportunity to experience life in a rapidly changing multi-cultural modern city that is bursting with history.

We look forward to working with you in the future and wish you every success in your time with
us at PI College.

Mission Statement

PI College will aim to be a valued independent International College in the region by providing quality education, learning opportunities and choice. We believe in equality of access and opportunity and are committed to supporting individuals in reaching their full potential.

At PI College we have a strong commitment to ethics and want to build upon a culture of respect, where all individuals are valued equally while celebrating diversity, enabling sustainable growth and success.

Our ethos at PI College is: LEADS

Learning -

Enabling and empowering all to access education to facilitate Learning
Equality - Celebrating Equality & Diversity through an enriched social and cultural
Accuracy - Encouraging achievement through practical, professional and academic
Development - Supporting & assisting development in the community for good
Success Realising success by individual imagination, aspiration and ambition.